Organization of dashboard objects

What are the typical ways to organize dashboard and visualization objects in a multi-tenant implementation of elastic stack. Is the Kibana Space the preferred and only approach ?
Is it possible to create folders or sub-folders within a Space to further categorize various dashboards developed by the team.

Spaces will likely be the easiest way forward.

And just a reminder, you can still use user feature controls in conjunction with spaces to fine tune who gets to edit and see what.

You can't group/nest Spaces right now but that sounds like a good feature request if you want to log one in the Kibana repo:

If you didn't want to use spaces for some reason, you could probably rig something up where you spin up multiple kibana instances configured to point to different configuration indices (instead of the default .kibana).

Thanks for the quick reply.

Could you please elaborate about "user feature controls"? Is it about defining "roles" with restricted access to a particular space and assignment of that role to a user?
Can we apply object/dashboard level access restriction? I see that we can apply index level permission setting in a role definition.

Also, is it possible to create an object promotion workflow? Separate in-progress items to a dev area and completed item to a production area, push newly completed objects from dev to production etc. The closest that I can see is to create two spaces (dev and production) and copy objects from dev space to production space, when the object is ready/completed, using "copy to space" action under management>saved objects>action

Mmm... User feature controls was probably the wrong wording... But there's a blog post on elasticsearch security and docs for role management as well.

The workflow that you described is the only one I'm aware of as well. If you have more ideas around it I'd encourage you to file a feature request so we can track interest and you can stay up to date on development.

If you haven't seen them, this blog post on introducing spaces and webinar might be useful to you as well as these docs around spaces.

@myasonik - just to confirm, as of now, there is no way to isolate one user's work (objects) from another user's work (objects) if they share the same Space, correct? Just trying to see what's the best way to avoid confusion among users if there are many users in a project/Space and many objects created per user.

Trying to see if we can customize kibana index or spaces to have a user level private space and project level public space, so that one user cannot clutter the project space.

Separate kibana instance for each user seems to create maintenance overhead?

Separate Kibana instances is one option and does allow for the most control but it definitely (a lot of?) maintenance overhead

You could create separate spaces for each user as well, I don't believe there's a limit (but I could be wrong here).

There's no other way as far as I'm aware.

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