Overlay Container version change on visualization

I have created the below visualization which counts the calls to each endpoint in an api, currently only "roles_for_email" is used:

I'm trying (and failing) to figure out if there is a way to show when the version of my docker container image changes and overlay it on this graph. I want this so that when using this as a dashboard I can easily look and see if something happens after an update to the container version.

I have used a dissect filter to extract the container version into a field "dissect.container_version" so i have access it to it. Now I cannot figure out how to

  1. show the version on the graph
  2. show only when the version changes

I don't think this can be done in the default visualization and with your current data format. What I'm thinking would be doable would be to display it in TSVB with an annotation when the container is upgraded. But for annotations to work the way you want you'd have to send the new container version field in your data only 1 time, after the container was updated.

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