Overvew/Detail chart - how to use dropdowns to filter data?

I have an overview detail area chart that displays value vs item. The data also includes region and account type:

I need to filter the chart by region and account type and have gotten as far as setting up two drop downs in the "signals" section:

"signals": [
{ "name": "detailDomain" },
{ "name": "regionFilter", "value": "APAC",
"bind": {"input": "select", "options": ["AMER", "EMEA", "APAC"]} },
{ "name": "acctypeFilter", "value": "StrategyAccount",
"bind": {"input": "select", "options": ["StrategyAccount", "Strategy", "Account"]} }

I have not seen a relevant example of how to do this in the samples and need to be pointed to a sample that explains how to implement this kind of a filter in this kind of context (area chart).

@nyuriks can help out when he finds time.


No need – the issue was solved

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Michael Golubov

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