Overview page for service groups

I'm using 8.8.1

Is there a way to show an Overview page for service groups like there is for an individual service? Some of my apps are composed of multiple services and people are asking for a view that aggregates all of the numbers from the different services. I know I can create a custom dashboard, but it seems like something like this might already exist.


Hey @johngregg,

Thanks for reaching out. Currently there is not an overview for service groups, I can create a enhancement request for the team to consider a feature like that one. For the moment a custom dashboard would be your best option.


I'm interested to learn what specifically you are after. Is it the latency visualisation for instance? If so, should there be a single line with the average across all services, or would you like to see a a breakdown for each service, but within a single viz?
Same question regarding the throughput and failure rate visualisations.

What about the transactions table - would you like to see transactions across all services?

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