Can I integrate APM services overview page to custom application?

Hi, I am developing a CMDB platform and would like to integrate the APM service overview page into it. Is there any way we can embed this part of the page (the red square in the image above) into a custom application, like a dashboard share or something like that?

I noticed the API in the APM documentation, but rewriting the overview page with the API may require a lot of work and I was wondering if there is some easier way to implement it.

Thanks for your outstanding job!

Hi @whcmrshi, not yet! It's not the first time we've heard a similar request, but we don't have specific plans for it right now. We're talking about it though. You can try rebuilding some of our visualisations with Lens if you want something portable, that's probably easier than using the API.

Thanks for your advice, I will give it a try :smiley:

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