Packetbeat not running in windows

I have installed packetbeat 7.17.3v elk is also 7.17.3v after editing config yml file packetbeat is not running in powershell(not showing any errors too). please check the attachment.

Hello @jisha

Ensure that the packetbeat service is running.

Its not installed as service , inorder to load default dashboard i just want to run setup command

Hello @jisha

Could you check the config and connection by executing below commands

packetbeat.exe test config
packetbeat.exe test output

if this also not giving you any result. In command prompt try the above commands if you get the error like the below

Notes as per screenshot: Here wpcap.dll should be reinstalled as there is a problem

Please reinstall that .dll and try executing your commands.

Keep Posted!!! Thanks !!

it is still not showing any result

Hello @jisha

Could you try this as per my above comment

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