Painless scripted field can't use ctx._source


I'm using using 6.4.2

I am trying to use the ctx._source syntax to create a custom field but it just gives error. Using a basic example, all documents have a hostname field of type string. I've tried many permutations of trying to assign ctx._source.hostname to the customer field but nothing works.

"reason": {
					"type": "script_exception",
					"reason": "runtime error",
					"script_stack": ["if (ctx._source.hostname != null) { ", "       ^---- HERE"],
					"script": "if (ctx._source.hostname != null) { ctx._source.hostname; }",
					"lang": "painless",
					"caused_by": {
						"type": "null_pointer_exception",
						"reason": null

Is there a better way to debug this, or can someone suggest a fix please ?


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