PainlessScript runtime error

I am using Elasticsearch 6.5.1. After I started trial license, and ran bin/elasticsearch, it successfully started. But one minute later, it popped up error " ExecutableScriptTransform] [******] failed to execute [script] transform for *****". And it said "PainlessScript.convertToScriptException", PainlessScript$Script.execute(ctx.vars.email_recipient = ( > 0 && ctx.payload.kibana_settings.hits.hits[0]._source.kibana_settings.xpack != null) ? ctx.payload.kibana_settings.hits.hits[0]._source.kibana_settings.xpack.default_admin_email : null;ct ...:1152) ~[?:?]

Actually I haven't installed kibana yet. So what does it mean? When I downgrade the license to basic, the error disappears.

It also shows:

_at _
org.elasticsearch.xpack.watcher.transform.script.ExecutableScriptTransform.doExecute( ~[x-pack-watcher-6.5.1.jar:6.5.1]

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