Parse date field with format epoch_millis in a specific time zone

Hi all,

I'm using 7.4 for Elasticsearch and Kibana.

When I zoom in a few seconds scale in line visualization, I found the following error message:

failed to parse date field [-577961999930] with format [epoch_millis]

From the previous topic, I learned that it can be fixed by changing from "Browser" to "UTC" in Kibana Advanced Settings.

It actually works, but I'd like to use different time zone from UTC. Would you know hot to solve it ?

Thank you for your help.

Hi @kosuke, I'm not sure what your browser time zone is, but it sounds like you might be running into this known issue with epoch_millis fields. Feel free to leave a :+1: on the original comment of that issue -- this helps the team prioritize bugfixes.

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