Passing user and password from Angulat to kibana Iframe

hi guys , i'm new to the ELK stack , so i have an angular web application that displays iframe kibana dashboard , so my problem is that kibana asks for user and password in the application and i have already a login page in the web app so the user has to enter his credentials twice , is their a way that after i cann pass parameters to the iframe kibana dashboard when the user log in from the web application?

Hey @haythem, do you want the user which is logged into Kibana to be "dynamic" based on the user that is logged into the AngularJS web application? Or are you looking to show the same Dashboard and data to every user which logs into your AngularJS web application?

Hey @Brandon_Kobel thank you for the reply , i want the user to log in only once in the angular app and not twice , because in my case after he logs in the web app the iframe that i used from kibana asks for user and password again. In my case the log in must be only on the angular app , so i thought maybe i could send the user and password to the iframe dynamically after the user log in on the web app, i don't know if it's possible or not . So to summarize things like you said i want the user who logged into kibana to be dynamic based on the user that is logged into the AngularJS.

@haythem, if you'd like for the logged in user to be dynamic based on the user that is logged into the AngularJS application, you'll want to use a third-party IdP to store your users and then integrate both the AngularJS application and ES/Kibana with one of our ES realms which supports single-sign-on.

We currently support both SAML and OpenID Connect.

@Brandon_Kobel thank you brandon , i'll check that out.

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