I have to path.data
path.data: ["/datassd/elasticsearch", "/data/elasticsearch"]
but one is quite small and always full, I want ot not use it anymore and to only use one.
is it possible to

  • remove it from conf and restart ? If so, what will happen ? Will data be available and no more will be added so in some time I can get rid of it entirelry?
  • can do a dynamic update somewhere to force data to be writton only one one ?

Thanks for your help

Bonus question, I have the path of the shard but I'm unable to get indexname / path easily (jq ?)
GET _stats/?level=shards

You cannot tell a node to move data from one path to another. And if you remove the path then you will lose any data that resides in it.

You can;

  • Remove all indices from the node, remove the path, restart and allow allocation back to it
  • Take a snapshot, remove the node, restore the snapshot

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