Graceful remove data path


how could I graceful remove one data.path (of multiple) of one node in a ES cluster?

Or another question: Can a move shards on disk/data.path level. So for example: Get all shards of node1:/path1 and move it to node2

Just figured out:

_stats?level=shards shows me info about shard data path. So I could query all shards of the specific data path and do a /_cluster/reroute:

"move" : {
        "index" : "index-name", "shard" : X,
        "from_node" : "nodeX", "to_node" : "nodeY"

until a data path is clear and then I can remove it in the config?

Is there any better/cleaner way?

Nope, but it does get asked from time to time.
Do you want to raise a feature request for something to handle this here - Issues · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub?

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