Path_style_acces option for V6.2

Any work around for Elasticsearch v6.2. My s3 compatible storage only accept path_style_access request and this option does not exist in ES v6. How can i make it work so s3 plugin can use path_style_access instead of using virtual style access in V6.2.


If you upgrade to 7.13 (which you should do anyway), I think that this setting is available again: Client Settings | Elasticsearch Plugins and Integrations [7.13] | Elastic

Actually many elasticsearch services running with v5 and v6. To up-grade by v7 may takes some time.
Is there any other solution for v6 apart from the up-gradation.

If your storage requires path-style access then it's not really "S3-compatible" since S3 doesn't require path-style access, and indeed path-style access is being entirely removed from S3. I suggest working with your storage supplier to address this.

6.2 is really old, long past EOL, you should also upgrade as a matter of urgency. One of the improvements in more recent versions is support for Minio which does still expect path-style access. I don't know of any other solution, but then the version you're using is so old that I don't have a working development environment for it any more so I can't even look at the code to check.

okay, got it.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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