PDF report does not show WMS server maps


We use our own WMS server for generating region or coordinate maps on our dashboard. This works very well when displayed on screen.
But when we generate a PDF report based on this dashboard, the graphics coming from the WMS server are not shown in the report. Using region maps, only the region map gets shown but not the overlayed coordinate map from the WMS server.

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Can you please let us know which version of Kibana and Elastic you are using?

Also @thomasneirynck?



Yep, sorry forgot to name it:
ES 6.2.1 and the matching Kibana version (have no access to check it right now)


@bhavyarm did you need some more data?


No help on this topic?

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Is your WMS service publicly available? If so, can you share your config for it here?


No, it's not connected to the internet at all.
What kind of configs are you interested in?
It is a GeoServer serving tiles from different sources aggregated in one layer.
When used for displaying the results in kibana, everything works fine but only when doing a pdf report, the map coming from the WMS server gets stripped.

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Are you able to produce a PDF with a different WMS service like this one?

WMS url: https://basemap.nationalmap.gov/arcgis/services/USGSTopo/MapServer/WMSServer
WMS layers: 0
WMS format: image/png
WMS styles: default

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