Percentiles doesn't work in table view on the Visual Builder

(Rebmeister) #1

Is it possible to display percentiles in a table by using the TSVB?
I currently have empty columns when I try to use this aggregation function.

(Nathan Reese) #2

What version of Kibana are you using? Can you provide a screen shot?

(Rebmeister) #3
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Kibana: v6.1.1
  • Elasticsearch: v6.1.1
  • Browser: Google Chrome Version 64.0.3282.186


  • open a new visualizer with "Visual Builder"
  • select "Table"
  • enter a group by field (here "ACC")
  • select the "Count" aggregation for the first section
  • select the Percentile 50 aggregation for the second section (here one the field "DD")
    => last column "Percentile of DD" always remains empty in the table whatever field I use

(Nathan Reese) #4

It should be possible. There may be an issue with Visual Builder. You can open an issue at

(system) #5

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