Personnel dashboards


Is it possible to have personnel dashboards in kibana. The idea is not to have a dashboard for user alone (with full control) and hidden to others.

version: 8


You just need to make sure to use roles and users to secure access - Kibana role management | Kibana Guide [8.1] | Elastic

Using roles, all I've found is accessibility to the data(on index)/dashboards(full or none) can be controlled.
I do not see any possibility to create a personnel dashboard(visible and accessible to a specific user)

Can you give me the high level steps to achieve this feature using roles or any other method also fine

What about using Spaces ?

Any one who has access to dashboard module in kibana, can see the complete list of dashboards.
Can't hide.

So once you control privileges on an index through a role and assign that role to a space and assign an user to that space and create dashboards - only that user can login into that space and see those dashboards.

The space privileges for a role is under kibana privileges.


I don't think this is a good option for large environments.
if we have 50+ users, then 50+ personnel spaces to be created.

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