Users and Rolesnot available in 7.11 version

I am not able to see Users and Roles options to share the dashboard

Can you clarify what you are trying to achieve? Is this about making a certain dashboard only available to a restricted sub-set of users?

If yes, then you are looking for spaces: Spaces | Kibana Guide [7.12] | Elastic

Create a separate space for your dashboard and create a role granting access to it as explained in the docs.

thank you so much
I was asking the same


I have created a new space as you suggested, I want to add Privilege's . The official documentation is asking to go to roles under Stack management.
But I don't see any Roles option under Stack management tab.
Here is image of the same

You have to run the default distribution of the Elastic stack (not OSS or open distro) and enable security.

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