Pert CPM Chart in Kibana

Hi All,

Can we create a Pert CPM chart in kibana to show sequence of events. Kindly help. Any leads will be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards
Suhas Gupta

Hi Suhas,

That type of chart isn't one that Kibana natively supports. For advanced and custom charts, we typically recommend using the included Vega visualization language which allows you to custom code special charts based on data in Elasticsearch. Be sure to check out our documentation on Vega as well as the Vega examples

Hope this helps!

Hi Josh,

Thank you for replying. I visited both vega and vega-lite pages but it doesn't have Pert CPM chart. Actually I want to show occurance of events in sequence. Say first Event1 takes place followed by either Event 2 or Event 2a then Event3 and so on.
How to create a vega visualization for this purpose.

Thanks & Regards
Suhas Gupta

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