Phrase proximity with simple_query_string and NEST

I'm using the simple_query_string with the tilde ~ operator to specify proximity between words in a phrase, and it works. The simple query has other functions that match doesn't provide.


                  "query":"\"small demonstration\"~10",

But, using "small demonstration"~10 or "\"small demonstration\"~10" in an equivalent NEST query doesn't add proximity search.

    m => m
		.SimpleQueryString(s => s
						.Query("small demonstration"~10)
						.Fields(f => f

There can be multiple phrases using double-quotes, "phrase-1" other words "phrase-2". Can I add the tilde character to single or multiple phrases with NEST using the simple_query_string?

In the Fields method, at least one field needs to be specified.

.Fields(f => f

When the field array is empty, Elastic searches through all the fields, but it seems that it doesn't make use of the proximity character.

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