Pie chart from time range


I have this kind of log to monitor the availability of my application:

Unavailable,17-03-2020 12:10:32,17-03-2020 12:14:32
Available,17-03-2020 12:15:32,26-03-2020 12:31:25
Unavailable,26-03-2020 12:32:25,26-03-2020 12:54:25
Available,26-03-2020 12:55:25,27-08-2020 12:21:15
Unavailable,27-08-2020 12:22:15,27-08-2020 12:26:15
Unavailable,27-08-2020 12:30:20,27-08-2020 12:41:20
Available,27-08-2020 12:42:20,26-01-2021 12:55:14
Unavailable,26-01-2021 12:56:14,26-01-2021 12:59:14
Unavailable,26-01-2021 13:01:56,26-01-2021 13:07:56

Is it possible to make a pie chart ( or other thing) in order to see the availability of my application over time.

Start and end, are already in 'date' format.


@franckfct Your data is fairly straight forward and you should be able to use a number of different visualizations. Lens has a nifty feature that gives suggestions on what charts to use for your data type and shape. I suggest trying that out. Here are a few links to get you started:

  1. Lens overview
  2. Lens blog post
  3. Getting started with Lens tutorial


I know Lens and i made a lot of graph with it, but in this case, Lens just count the number of status and not the duration between two date.

Lens supports a number of modifications to your data. Try one of these options:

Then there's always the option of using runtime fields to get your data into a shape you want to visualize.

Hi @franckfct

What you want to visualize from the data above?
You talk about pie chart, so probably you want to see a "duration" chart about Availability vs Unavailability?

If so you could create a new runtime field to compute the duration of each record ( end - start ) and then use Lens as suggested by @cheiligers to generate the visualization.

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