Pie chart visualization

Hi experts,

I'm creating a pie chart as below(labels hidden) but struggling with the following 2 points.
Could you please advise?

  1. The chart is sliced as descended in anticlockwise manner. I would like to order them in clock
    wise manner but how? I selected both "Order direction" as both descending and ascending but did not work.
  2. Smaller slices is getting darker color. I would like to have them in opposite way(lager slices get darker coloer) but how?

Best Regards,

  1. AFAIK - cannot set the "growth" direction.
  2. You can press the legend and set your own colours.

I don't think you specified which part of Kibana you created this pie chart in, but it looks like it might be in Lens. If that's the case, then you can't reverse the order.

If it's not Lens, maybe it's using Canvas. In canvas you can edit the expression directly and add reverse=true to the palette definition.

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