Pie chart Lens starting position for bigger slices

Hi experts,

I'm creating a pie chart as below(labels hidden) but struggling with the following below points.
Could you please advise?

Pic1. The chart clockwise manner in Aggregation Chart

Pic2. The chart clockwise manner in Kibana Lens

  1. I would like to order them in starting position for bigger slices at 12 o'clock (like the aggregation chart in Pic1.) in Kibana Lens (chart in Pic2.)

  2. Would I know any reason of the first slice being on the left of the midday mark, and the rest spread clock-wise, is it following any standard ?

Indeed the first pie slice or innermost sunburst slice is placed left of the 12 o'clock line. It often results in a more balanced look, and can sometimes be seen in the wild. @markov00, in reference of Dona Wong's book Guide to Information Graphics, adds that the comparability of at least the first two slices is aided this way.

Another benefit is that the smallest sectors don't end up being on the top near the 12 o'clock mark, which makes it easier to place linked labels (less vertical crowding).

For these reasons we made it default for Lens, though it's sensible to prefer the straightforward way too, and the chart itself has the capability. If you prefer this layout, please add a "Feature request" here with a short explanation of why you prefer it, and put the link here for reference too.

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