Pipeline not reading csv files

I have a following configuration.
when I run this from command line it works and reads file
but when I run it via pipleline it never reads this file.
pipeline shows it is running

Am I missing something here ?
I am generating file hourly and putting it here. every time it is new file name.
that way it has no same inode either and different name


input {
    file {
       path => "/csv_files/*_hourly.csv*"
       start_position => "beginning"
       mode => "read"
       sincedb_path => "/dev/null"
       codec => plain { charset => "Windows-1252" }

forgot to mention that
/csv_files is NFS mounted file system

is that creating problem? and if so how I fix it

It was NFS issue.
as soon as I moved that dir on local storage pipeline picked it up.

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