Pipeline UI not working properly?

Hi. I was in my Logstash Pipeline UI interface a few days ago and I had what seemed to be the correct layout of the display (vertex view?). I logged into it this morning and it seems to have gone to a different view?
How do I go about making the display show the way vertex view?

Below is how it looks like now and at the end is how it should be showing?



How it use to display:


I just reinstalled Kibana but it has not fixed the issue.

Hi James,

Starting in Kibana 6.4.0 we have updated this view; rather than expressing Logstash pipelines as directed acyclic graphs (the way data flows in a pipeline), we've chosen to display the associations defined in Logstash config files.

The decision behind this change was made for a couple of reasons. One of the more prominent ones was that a number of our users began experiencing severe performance issues when rendering pipelines of a certain complexity level. You can read about the issue here: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/18423

We'd welcome any feedback you have on the change.

Thanks Justin for the reply.

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