Please add note to install Guide to edit where ES lives


(Nate) #1

There is no note for the graph install process to change where ES is running if not running on localhost:9200.
To avoid other users making this mistake please add the note.

The file I needed to edit was /opt/kibana/installedPlugins/graph/public/graphClientWorkspace.js

(Mark Harwood) #2

I don't think the editing of that file should be connected to the system suddenly working.

While there is a reference to 9200 in that file it is not used and the graph requests are all proxied via the Kibana server and its configured choice of elasticsearch server.

(Nate) #3

Ah ok, thanks! I had only changed that config before a restart of one of the kibana/elastic instances. Must have just been the restart that fixed it.

(system) #4