Configuring Canvas


I'm poking around. I need to change my localhost:9200 Elasticsearch source to a slightly different private IP. Is there a place to drop a configuration yet? Or a right way to edit the existing datasource?


Can you please give us more information about your use case. Like what kind of configuration are you looking for in your canvas workspace.

Thank you

Sure thing!

I have a VM with Elasticsearch, Kibana and Canvas installed and working. The VM is a VirtualBox variety. I have a tunnel from my VM's host to an Elasticsearch cluster with some data I can test with.

If I am in my VM and do something like curl I can reach that cluster.

How do I configure an Elasticsearch datasource to point to it instead of localhost:9200?

Or, i suppose any arbitrary url, including setting username, password and port?

Thanks for getting back, I will ping few people who directly work with Canvas to chime in here to help you out: cc / @Joe_Fleming @rashid any inputs?


The setting you use for Canvas should be identical to the setting you use for Kibana. In fact, there's no other way to configure it than the kibana.yml file. In your case, I believe you'll want to set the following in that file: ""

If, as you say, you can reach that IP from within the VM, then that'll instruct Kibana to use that hostname to talk to Elasticsearch, and you should be all set. You can also tweak the port and set up any SSL stuff there as well.

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