I saw several video, read documentation but I don't know: How can I use ELK?
I explain my problem. I want to create an application such that: (one person, in this case, LUCA)
Luca is on the Kibana and he sees the data. After some minutes, he must insert some data in the application, for example, these data are in one file of excel, and he is going to see the differences between before and after. At this moment, my first question is: How can i take this file and turn it in one program or in Logstash?
Ok, we suppose that it is ok, now I would like to insert the data in my Mongodb database. At that point can will I do it?

PLEASE, I'm Sorry if I asked stupid question but I need to know: how can I get the different systems to communicate?

If you give me one example with much details I would be very grateful.

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