【Please!】How to replace the host name display in kibana with my personal name

Hello from Japan
I have a question for you respected engineers.
I am an inexperienced Japanese engineer with Elastic search.
I have installed winlogbeat on my Windows PC and have built an environment to send Windows logs to elasticsearch for analysis by kibana.

I have encountered one problem
The problem is bugging me is that what is displayed in kibana is the hostname of the computer.
Is there any way to replace the hostname displayed in Kibana with my personal name?
I don't want to do the front work of rewriting html, etc. if possible.
I found some information on the internet that says I can use Script fields, etc., but I couldn't find any details.

I would like help from all of you respected ELASTIC engineers.

I await your replies and information.
Thank you

You can use an ingest pipeline to update your documents with any data you want. Kibana has a nice interface (stack management section) to create a pipeline and then you can set it up in the winglogbeat configuration.

If you want that for display in Kibana only you can configure the field of your winlogbeat Data View to format it with a Static lookup so your hostname can be replaced by your name. On this screenshot I do that exactly replacing my hostname (a) by my name (Jorge)

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