Change Host name on Kibana Dashboard

How can i set a name as'MyHostName'. I am getting logs from AWS EC2 machine where host name is set my AWS with IP address for example my machine IP is so my host name will be as "ip-10-0-3-99 " while search in the error log on Kibana dashboard i have to remember my IP to search the logs. can renname this host name as some releated name like my API-Server rather then then this ip-10-0-3-99 " it will be easy to recognize it on kibana.
can i do make so change to achieve it on kibana or any configuration.

Need your help"ip-10-0-3-99"

hi @Shahid_Chaudhary,

You could you create a data-table with the host-names (term aggregation on and add it to the dashboard. Then, you an click on one of the rows in the table that corresponds to the host, and it will add it as a filter to the filter-bar. The other visualizations will adjust.

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