Plotting all the data point on y-axis rather than calculated/aggregated values

Hi Experts

I have a case where the performance data is collected for every 5 secs. I am plotting this using kibana 4.1.2.

When I try to change the x-axis(date histogram) interval to 1 sec I see the following Warning and bucket is set to 5 minutes.

Question: 1
Is it possible to plot each and every value of collected performance data?

Question: 2

On y-axis I am selecting the MAX aggregation, and x-axis is set to 5-mins buckets(which is not my intention) by kibana. In this case does it mean the max value in that 5-mins bucket is displayed or any other calculations are applied on the data?

Thanks in Advance

Hi Vamsi,

Question 1:
No, it is not possible to plot each and every value of your dataset. It winds up being alot of data, and since the width of bars on a date histogram plot are set using the time interval, what you'd end up with are bars so small that you could not see them. In addition, there are many performance issues to viewing all of your data since the DOM would have to draw a svg rect for every single data point. This is why you see the warning and why Kibana sets your interval to 5 minutes.

Question 2:
You should get the max value from that 5-mins bucket when you select the max metric for the y-axis.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for Info :smile: