Plug-in JAR retrieved via Maven does not contain


As part of an automated build process I'd like to be able to install an ES plug-in which I obtain via Maven.

My idea is to unpack that Maven dependency (e.g. "org.elasticsearch.plugin:delete-by-query:2.0.0") and copy it into the plug-in directory of ES. The problem though is that this plug-in JAR (and several others I tried randomly) doesn't contain a, causing ES not to start.

Where should I get this descriptor file from? Or are the plug-ins deployed as JARs to Maven Central not meant to be use in the way I described? Any help is appreciated.



This file is part of the ZIP file generated for the plugin.
It's not part of the jar.

Thanks for the quick reply. Is that ZIP file hosted in Maven Central, too? Or is there another source to obtain from it via HTTP?

According to this search on maven central it is:|ga|1|a%3A"delete-by-query"

Ah, of course. Not sure how I could miss that :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for your help!