Plugin Installation Error

I have developed a Kibana 4.x plugin. I usually compress my files GUI in Ubuntu by right clicking the folder(compress..) and install the plugin in test machine (it was working fine). Recently when I tried to do it in command line, file are compress properly but while installing I got the following error.
Tried multiple time in ubuntu and centos using tar and 7zip also
Transferring 56535040 bytes....................
Transfer complete
Extracting plugin archive
Error: Could not find the End of Central Directory Record
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "Error extracting plugin archive"

My command to compress file in linux was $tar -cvf pluginfoldername

Can anyone please say what could be issue, any mistake am I doing from my side.
Any help would be very helpful.

I don't believe that you can create zip archives with the tar command. Try creating your zip with:

zip -r pluginfoldername

Thank you. It worked.