Plugin is invisible after added security dependency in kibana.json in 7.9.3

Hi All,

I am trying to get current username in my custom plugin which is developed based on 7.9.3. I followed helpful instructions provided here. But when I added "security" as required dependencies in kibana.json my plugin is not showing up. Could somebody help me if there are any extra steps that I need to do?

Hi @nrt.krishna.
Do you see your plugin in the kibana server log when you start kibana? i.e, you should see an entry for your plugin in this list when security is enabled/disabled?:

[info][plugins-system] Starting [101] plugins: [taskManager,licensing,globalSearch,<your plugin>,globalS...]

It would help if you could also show your kibana.json file and a snippet on how/where you use it in your plugin's setup and start contract.

Hi @cheiligers. Thanks for the reply.
I can see my plugin when I start kibana with out "security" dependency in kibana.json. But if I add "security" under required plugins section of kibana.json, I can't see it in logs. Here is my kibana.json

      "id": "xyz",
      "version": "7.9.3",
      "server": true,
      "ui": true,
      "requiredPlugins": [
      "optionalPlugins": []

@nrt.krishna "security" is not available in OSS. If you're using an xpack distribution, then security should be added to the optionalPlugins in your kibana.json file.

You'll also need to add the security plugin as a dependency to your setup and start contract.
Can you paste your setup and start contracts for your plugin (server or client, depending on where you're trying to use the security API)?

I am not using xpack. I am using opendistro.

If you are using opendistro you may try to get an answer on the offical opendistro forum here

Best regards

Thank you for redirecting me to correct platform.

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