Plugins can not work in Kibana 5.4.0


May i kindly check if anyone had encountered below errors when it was trying to install plugins in Kibana 5.4.0?

log [01:25:11.908] [warning] Plugin "gauge_sg" was disabled because it expec
ted Kibana version "5.0.0", and found "5.4.0".
log [01:25:11.911] [warning] Plugin "extended_metric_vis" was disabled becau
se it expected Kibana version "5.0.0", and found "5.4.0".

If no, should i downgraded to Kibana 5.0.0?

Thank you.

There is a bunch of plugin that behaves like this. On github there shall be in main page of your plugin a way to fix this.

You need to go to the gauge folder, open package.json and change "5.0.0" to "5.4.0". Kibana won't disable this plugin anymore. But it might still not work properly (some change in kibana might collide with features used by this plugin).
All I can say is that it works with 5.3.0

Hi Nico-DF,

It seems working. Many thanks.

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