How to install plugin kibana-plugin-gauge-sg in Kibana5

Hi All,

I think it maybe a dummy question. But how to install the plugin into kibana5?

It just mentionthe below steps in wiki:
Pour les versions de kibana-5.x

    $ cd <path>/kibana/plugins
    $ git clone <depot> gauge-sg

But after do this, I also restart the kibana 5, but still can't find this new plugin. Would you help on this, please?

Looks like the plugin's latest code only works with Kibana 5.0.0. If you have Kibana 5.0.2, which is the latest, you should see an error in the console or the Kibana logs when you start Kibana:

  log   [18:53:42.601] [warning] Plugin "gauge_sg" was disabled because it expected Kibana version "5.0.0", and found "5.0.2".

You can fix this yourself by editing the plugins/gauge-sg/package.json file in the Kibana directory, and change "version": "5.0.0" to your exact Kibana patch version.

Once I did that, I see the Gauge option in "Create New Visualization", and I have Kibana 5.0.2:

Thanks so much for quick responce. I already fix the package.json, but still can't find it.
May I know how you install it?

I have already move it to

But still can't see it.

The gauge plugin code should be /app/kibana-5.0.1-linux-x86_64/plugins/gauge-sg

Thanks for your detail suggestion. It works fine now. :slight_smile:

How to use the gauge plugin to generate gauge visualization? I find changing the number of gauge level doesn't make it point to the corresponding gauge section

It's a third-party plugin, so you'll need to get support from the plugin author if you have any questions on how to use it

I see. Thanks.

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