POC with ELK

Hi ,
I'm a Performance Tester and new to ELK tool.
I'm doing POC for my project to install Logstash , ELastic search and Kibana in my local machine .

I couldnt find any details about the Minimum hardware requirements for each of the above packages to start with My POC activity . Please enlighten me

Hi @hariprasanthdurairaj,

It depends on what you are going to test with the setup, this is not a definitive answer.
By default, Elasticsearch tells JVM to use a heap of 1GB.
You can get some idea from the https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/guide/current/hardware.html which is more geared towards production environment
For trying out ELK, any decent laptop should be able to do that.
Hope this helps!

Thanks for you input Yogesh,
other than logstash , elastic search and Kibana. Do i need to run any scripts or agents in each node to fetch logs to Logstash ?
if so , we have application developed in .Net, JAVA and PHP. will be agent be same or different for each technology?

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