The best hardware requirements for a real production environment

Hello my friends, I want to install ELK in a real environment for collecting data from different sources and I want to know the hardware requirements (CPU, RAM, Storage) i mean the best hardware requirements (not the minimal) so that the platform will be fast and without performance problem, thank you

Elastic has a webinar on this, I think they eventually get on Youtube. It seems like there was one in the past few weeks.

Sizing is the classic PM Triangle, good, fast, cheap, you get 2 of the 3.

You need some idea of ingest rate and volume, search rate, retention and replication. Do you need fast search or more of a logging repository where search can be a little slower. IMHO, most recommendations are over-sized because the price of being wrong is high, either to reputation or cost to grow.

Are you using open source version or buying a license? Open is easier to grow, adding licensed nodes costs more than just hardware.

thank you for your response i am using opensource version, can you suggest me any pre req

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