Point Kibana to a Subdomain

I am struggling with pointing Kibana to a subdomain. My domain is hosted on cloudflare and I am trying to point Kibana URL to a subdomain. Do I required to make any changes internally on Elasticsearch or Kibana instances ?

Can anyone suggest a way to achieve this ? Thanks

Hey @ankitdevnalkar,

Hmm, I don't think you need to do much to make it work. Have you already properly set server.host? If you set that and it still doesn't work, it'd help if you can describe in details what and how doesn't work exactly.


You mean in elasticsearch.yml or Kibana.yml ?

It's a Kibana setting (the link in my post points to Kibana docs for the details), I assumed you wanted to host Kibana on a sub-domain or I got it wrong?

Yes I am trying to point Kibana host to a sub-domain.

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