Possibility to select "NULL" in a log file

Dear All,

I may ask for the impossible, but maybe you can help me out... Even formulating the title bit hard and it may be misleading.

I have a logfile structure of a firewall that has some possible actions:
Allow; Drop; Block and according to this I can set up pretty good filters...

BUT... I have a part like this:|27189||eth0

This can sometime look like this:|443|https|eth0

here I use this for the pipes: (?|)...(?|)

the issue is, if there is not well known service associated to the port we have 2 pipe symbols next to each other where there is nothing in between.
Is there a possibility to not mess up the whole parsing?

I mean if I have %{WORD:dstPort} then it is followedby 1 character "|" which separates the dstProtocol if there is any. and the another "|" and it goes on...

is there a way to tell logstash that if there are 2 consecutive "|"-s there may be something in between? basically one tries to select nothing...

My best solution was so far to make it via regx but then I have a | at the end of the dstPort field and the dstProtocol is euther a single "|" or "|https"...

any help is much appreciated.



How about

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How about... Geez, thanks! I owe you a beer!

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