Possible to hide "panel filters" in Kibana 8.5.x?

This "panel filters" thing has been added in Kibana 8.5.


Is there any configuration option to hide this?

We find that it...

  • does not to add any real value
  • is distracting
  • takes up valuable screen real estate

Yes we know about that, unfortunately not but the team is going to improve this experience, check this here [Dashboard] Switch "Panel filters" badge to be a single icon · Issue #143386 · elastic/kibana · GitHub. This is one idea. Another one is to display it on panel hover and also make it visible only if there are conflicting filters into the globar filter bar.

Thanks. I will follow that issue.

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This is an issue for me too...

We have a 13 x 11 grid of metrics, now with valuable real estate taking up with a "Panel filters" tag. It's especially cumbersome when it wraps to the next line. I've filed an ECE support ticket about this too.