Possible workarounds for percentile in heatmaps?

Hi I'm new to ELK and currently trying to work on a heatmap that shows cpu utilisation and its percentile on Kibana 7.6.2. I have an index that contains kernel percent and user percent which I add together to create a scripted field for cpu utilisation. But I found that it is not easy to aggregate the percentile for cpu utilisation as another scripted field and heatmaps do not provide percentile agg. Can you kindly advise on what other possible workarounds can I explore in order to show a p95 percentile as a heatmap?

Hi @nnoop ,

TSVB allows you to add Percentile and Percentile Rank aggregations:

It is a different chart, but maybe a good thing to explore.

Regards, Dzmitry

Hi Dzmitry, thanks for the suggestion. Can I also verify if it's possible to use a script to pre-calculate cpu value at runtime and put it in a new index for a heatmap to capture?

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