Post transformation from Elasticsearch to display in Kibana


It is more a discussion rather that a direct question.

Imagine you have the following use case:

You insert the type of document as show bellow from different sources:

  "count": 10000,
  "offset": 1234,

The count field is more like a wall clock, it goes towards incrementing but can decrement.
The offset field in contrast is more like a monotonic clock, it always increments.

What I need is only the last count value from the document that has the highest offset value and ideally in Kibana.

So I have used the equivalent of max(count) to display the count. But obviously since count can go backward, this solution is not working properly.

I then used in kibana, the max(offset) and then terms aggregation of size 1 sorted by max(offset). Which gives me the right value of course.

The approach works but Kibana displays max(offset) really big, and the result of the aggregation in tiny -- which I ideally either want the opposite, or just not display max(offset) at all.

I am potentially stuck when using Kibana if I don't remodel data from elasticsearch. My idea is to have workers that periodically query elasticsearch then do some modeling -- possibly doing some other query -- to then re-inject the data in elasticsearc.
This data will be optimized to be displayed in Kibana.

I am wondering how people do it in general, if they used already installed tools and tricks that I don't know about.. Do people remodel datas to be displayed in kibana independently? And if so, is it custom made?

Thank you!

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