Postfix Dashboards visualization

Hello everyone! i'm newie with ELK, my question is from a dummy person and I need some compassion :sweat_smile:

I install in a virtual machine with Ubuntu 20.04, Postfix, Logstash, Kibana and Elastic.

I follow the next documentation GitHub - ActionScripted/elastic-kibana-postfix: Kibana dashboards, visualizations and searches for Postfix.

I imported the json files but the visualizations don’t work:

I can see the postfix logs are coming to elastic:

My idea is to create something like that:

I need a little help to keep moving, thank you all.


Hmm, it looks like the import partially failed for some reason or another... Did you get an error message when importing?

And I'm trying to understand your last screenshot, can you explain the "with/without aggregation" portion?

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