Pre-compute aggregate metrics


I have documents representing orders with following format:
time: Date
seller: String
product : String
price : Double
These documents are generated all along the day. I have to create monthly reports showing overall sale for a seller with breakup by product. For current month sales till date should be shown.
I will be using metric aggregation for this. Can I configure in Elastic Search that it keeps the sum of price precomputed for each month? Here if a new document for month x is added the sum should be updated adding the price in new document to the sum. Performing the sum every time I query will just slow down the query. The sum should be recomputed only if I apply filter.
If the above case is not supported in Elastic Search, how can I best configure Elastic Search for my use case?
Here are my thoughts:
a) Have only one index for all the data.
b) Derive year+month field for all documents.
c) Index year+month, seller and product.
Are there more factors I need to consider while designing my solution for elastic search?
Is there a better approach to this problem ?


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