Preferred method of setting JVM options for process memory

I have a question about memory for ElasticSearch. I am using 7x version, and I was setup my OS (centos 7 / 32 GB RAM) with the following configs (ES_JAVA_OPTS="-Xms16g -Xmx16g"):

When I restarted my ES service I got the following system info:

So, 16 GB of 32 GB was reserved, as I understand, for ES.

But, I still saw, that ES processes (threads?) were still used 1GB of RAM:

Is this OK or not?

I did another change, described here: and updated
/etc/elasticsearch/jvm.options with


After that I got:

So, my question is - should I see 16Gb per ES process or ES already was started with 16Gb limitation and created a lot of threads with 1Gb?

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