Prerequisites for Machine Learning and client Filebeat

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I have saw in the documentation, few months ago, that we can only use Machine Learning with a client filebeat > version 7.14.
Can someone confirm the information ?

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Hi @kay1 Welcome to the community!

Can you show where you saw / read that?

Machine Learning in general should not be dependent on filebeat version. There are some OOTB ML jobs for some modules that may be available after certain versions... But again, no machine learning should not be dependent on the filebeat version.

In fact, machine learning is not dependent on filebeat at all. It can work on pretty much any type of data.

Hi Stephenb,

Thank you for your reply, as I did not do the screenshot before, here are the examples of what I observe.

If you look in the documentation below (screenshot) : you can not see reference to machine learning

But for the documentation for filebeat 7.14 you can see that the reference to Machine Learning is visible.


(I dont know if the screenshots are displayed in the comments)

Hi @kay1

That is a setup user....

That is describing the roles needed. If you are doing least privilege setup_role for filebeat and loading all the assets that may be available for an individual module.

Not all modules have built-in machine learning jobs. Most don't as a matter of fact.

Filebeat is not dependent on machine learning.

Machine learning is not dependent on a specific version of filebeat nor the data source.

There are some modules that have out-of-the-box machine learning jobs which you may or may not use, which you may or may not load.

I think you're getting sidetracked by a very minor setup configuration.

If you're concerned about running a basic license without machine learning? Can you still use filebeat?

The answer is absolutely yes, I do it everyday.

The filebeat setup can load the machine learning jobs but you just wouldn't be able to run them with a basic license.

I do appreciate that you are carefully reading the documentation... apologies if it is a bit confusing.

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As explained by @stephenb , these are for setup user and roles.

The only requisite to create and run Machine Learning jobs is to have a paid license, ML needs at least a Platinum License.

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