Print any value using Markdown

I was exploring Markdown widget and I can see that the only variables I can use are of the form xx.last.raw.
For example we're using this to collect the Top N servers consuming memory. I want to use the Markdown to display a message.
However if I select the "Time Range" as today the values return 0. Is there any way I can reference the values?
We collect the data only once per day.

You can't reference a different visualization, but you can do the same aggregation as the top n visualization by clicking on the data tab. Does that help?

I'm sorry; probably I was not clear :slight_smile: I have the below data.

However when I switch to Markdown, I don't see the values. The problem is I can see the values when I adjust the time range to 8am i.e when we collect the values.

Is there any way we can display the values in Markdown and still keep the timerange to "today"?
In short don't we have any other variables other than the "last"?

The closest I can think of is bumping the interval (in panel options) up to a range that ensures the last bucket has all of the days data. It won't be an exact solution and you'll have to make sure the intervals don't overlap one days of data.

Another option is find your values in the , but that has similar complications to above.

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Thanks Jon. In fact, I tried a couple of intervals earlier which didn't work out. But then as it's collected once a day, the 12h interval worked!!

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