Problem accessing charts and artifacts from servers

Hi folks! I have a strange issue with getting artifacts (debs, helm charts) from for my cloud at Some servers are downloading them fine, but others just get 403 error. Is there a reason for that, did I missed something? I can't find the pattern, servers are from different subnets, some of them are just rented and simply yet empty, so they shouldn't be doing any activity against or


this looks indeed weird and fishy. Can you share ip blocks or exact error messages, so we could take a look?


Hi Alexander,

The message is just this (if I curl, for example):
<!doctype html><meta charset="utf-8"><meta name=viewport content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"><title>403</title>403 Forbidden

As for ranges, I have problems with almost all addresses, though there are several which got 200 reply and proper output. Also and seem to be affected. I do not see a pattern really. Say I have 20 servers in subnet, 18 of which do reply with 403, while 2 are completely ok.

Most of my servers are in Helsinki's DCs, if it rings any bells.

I have forwarded this internally and we will take a look. it seems there is indeed an issue with wrongly blocking some IPs.

Thanks for raising!

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