Problem of elastic-agent install on windows 10 VM

Hello everyone,

I would install elastic agent on windows 10 computer test.
I use command recommanded by agent of installation but the installation not working and i haven't output for checking status......

For obtain outputs , i must using the command without success : .\elastic-agent.exe run -c .\elastic-agent.reference.yml
This an example of output of my tests :

Actually , my elastic server was heberged on vm test and fleet server is ready on same server .

On side of my server , i was checking port of my server too and not change self-signed certificate.
LISTEN 0 128*
LISTEN 0 128*
LISTEN 0 128*
LISTEN 0 128*
LISTEN 0 128*

Anyone can help me, please ?

Ok i was find my solution . Is due to two reason .

1/ I haven't create directory for agent .

2/ When i use default self-certificate, i need to add more arguement for install and enroll my windows computer .( For exemple --force and --insecure in demo environnement)

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