Problem to create a new index patterns with kibana 5.3 graphique

Could you help me to understand why with logstash-* (the default index pattern) , I have the time-field name (@timestamp) and the possibility to create it. But if I use another name like test-*, the time-field name become empty and I haven't the possibility to create it.


Do you have any field mapped as a date field in those indices?

Thanks you for your reply @Christian_Dahlqvist, I haven't any field for the time-field name . Only the @timestamp when I choose logstash-* for the name to index pattern. But I want to choose another name than logstash and at this moment the time-field name become empty.

If you have fields that should be mapped as timestamps, you may need to create an index template for these other indices. Logstash comes with a default index template, but this only applies to indices whose names start with logstash-. You can however look at this and use it for inspiration when you create your template.

Thanks a lot @Christian_Dahlqvist

I understand now. So I will try to create a template for my new indice name before create my index pattern.


Hello @Christian_Dahlqvist

Please, How to create a Index template on command line for ElasticSearch? I read index template and I write it on kibana Dev Tool, but It don't permit me to create an index pattern.


You will need to create and upload an index template as described in the documentation I linked to. If it is not working for you, please show what you did. An index will be created once data is indexed into it, and this will cause the template to be applied. Once the index has been created with data in it you can create an index pattern in Kibana.

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